New Beginnings…

So I’m so excited to be starting this new journey with The Yoga Club! Myself and Gaynor have been talking for so long about ways to collaborate with one another, and create a yoga home that celebrates all we love and our passionate about with our yoga practise.

I first met Gaynor at our 200 hour teacher training course with path4life in Milton Keynes back in 2014. We both came from totally different backgrounds; Gaynor a corporate badass, and me a education officer at The Wildlife Trust – but I knew instantly I was going to like her. She’s a total free spirit who oozes confidence and one of the most grounded people I know. Me on the other hand was a little less grounded, deciding to go travelling for nearly a year after we qualified (but much more on that later!)

I moved to Milton Keynes around a year ago and was originally commuting down to London where I was working at Vauxhall City Farm as the education coordinator (yes, I really did commute from the countryside, to London, to work on a farm!) After work I  was teaching yoga back in Milton Keynes, and after juggling the two for a while, I finally decided to take the plunge and leave my job back in August 2016 to fully commit to teaching yoga. 6 months on and I couldn’t be happier.

So here we are, and I can’t wait to bring you along with us for this brand new adventure. We’ll be sharing lots of stories and yoga inspiration as we go – and I’d really love your input with this. If there is anything you’d love us write about then do get in touch.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Laura x

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