What’s our Vision?

What we do:

Make yoga light hearted and fun regardless of your age, ability or experience

Provide an inclusive yoga service to the people of Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas

Provide a comfortable environment and friendly instructors to guide you into your own yoga practice

Provide classes that are consistent in teaching approach and ethos

Provide a flexible yoga schedule allowing you to attend a yoga class where and when you choose without needing to commit to a studio or gym

Provide face to face and online classes with a website membership giving you access to yoga resources such as online video clips and other useful stuff

Provide online booking and payment options so that you don’t need a pocket full of cash

What we don’t do:

Care what you look like in Lycra

Laugh when you fall over \ mind when you laugh at us falling over

Light incense sticks or read you poems

Provide answers to the meaning of life or make you hug trees and become a vegan (unless you want to!)

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