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The Creaky Yogi & Living with pain

I would like to share my experience of living with a chronic pain condition in the hope it might give some assistance and insight to others in a similar situation. I am a yoga teacher and as such you might expect me to be…

4 tips for a better posture

It’s amazing the power of a better posture. It has the ability to reflect how you feel, how you look and how you live. You just can’t beat it for an instance boost. We know how we feel after a long day at the…

#Yogaeverydamnday & surviving the corporate world.

It’s 07:45 on Monday morning and I’m a world away from and stretching it out on my yoga mat. I’m already in my other life. When I’m not bare foot and in leggings I’m wearing make-up and rocking it in the corporate world.  When I’m not teaching yoga I’m implementing change in a financial…

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