Online Yoga

The yoga club are thrilled to be able to offer a new schedule of online yoga classes. We have found a great platform, it’s really clever! Think of Skype but fancier. You can see and hear us and we can see and hear you. It’s just like a regular yoga class but you can’t see the other attendees, leaving you to focus on your own yoga practise without feeling self conscious.

If you would like to attend a regular yoga class but for whatever reason you’d rather not leave the house, this option is for you!

What yoga classes are available online?
At the moment we are hosting chair, yin and mixed ability flow yoga classes on our
online platform, but watch this space as we develop our online real time class schedule.

What do I need?
Ideally you will have access to a desktop, laptop or tablet that has a webcam and a speaker. Chrome is the browser we recommend for the very best experience.

What do I wear?
Bear foot and stretchy gear and you’re ready to go. If you need any thing special for a specific class it will tell you in the class booking form.

How much will it cost me?
The classes vary in price but each have great bulk buy options.

Still not convinced? Please get in touch by emailing

Ready to give it a try? Dive straight in .

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