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The Creaky Yogi – What’s Next?

I have recently been sharing my experiences of living with Rheumatoid Arthritis and how I have used yoga and meditation to cope and to ease my symptoms. Creaky yogi – living with pain http://www.theyogaclubuk.com/2017/07/02/the-creaky-yogi-living-with-pain/ This blog recounts my journey from RA diagnosis to how…

The Creaky Yogi & Living with pain

I would like to share my experience of living with a chronic pain condition in the hope it might give some assistance and insight to others in a similar situation. I am a yoga teacher and as such you might expect me to be…

#Yogaeverydamnday & surviving the corporate world.

It’s 07:45 on Monday morning and I’m a world away from www.theyogaclubuk.com and stretching it out on my yoga mat. I’m already in my other life. When I’m not bare foot and in leggings I’m wearing make-up and rocking it in the corporate world.  When I’m not teaching yoga I’m implementing change in a financial…

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