Yin Yoga

Yoga Class 8Yin yoga is naturally restorative, making it the perfect antidote to a busy, distracted mind and a tired body. Yin is a quiet, meditative form of yoga that targets the body’s connective tissue. In class you will get into a number of floor based shapes, and give the body time to settle and release into the pose. As you relax into each position, flexing and compressing the joints, you’ll stimulate the body’s meridians and network of connective tissue. As you gently stretch the connective tissue the body will respond by becoming stronger and more flexible — which is exactly what we’re after!!!

Once we are done with the yin poses we will do some gentle flow (yang) to wake us up and raise our energy levels. Of course as this is a yoga class we will finish off with a time for relaxation (savasana).

You will leave this class feeling energetically different.

Who is this class for?

This class is suitable for all ages, and levels of experience. Excellent for people that would like to learn to meditate but struggle to quieten the mind.

What do I need?

Comfortable clothing, bare feet (or yoga socks), a yoga mat and you could always bring your own pillow or a bolster cushion.

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